Reduce Workload and Stress! Use our Practice Exams, Parallel Papers, and Internal Assessments. All are based on NZQA standards and are editable using MS Word and Excel.

Practice Exams are editable assessment masters for testing purposes. Parallel Papers are also editable assessment masters but usually for revision purposes.

SINCOS is a small business created to provide specialised services to mathematics teachers, in schools, for classes Years 9-13. We deal almost exclusively with mathematics departments in secondary schools, and our material is not available from normal retail outlets. Since 1978 we have been producing Parallel Revision Papers, and since then have added Practice Exams and Internal Assessments.

Our writers are highly qualified practicing or former teachers who have been involved with NZQA mathematics at a high level. We at SINCOS are grateful that they are willing to share their expertise with colleagues for the benefit of teachers, and for mathematics education throughout New Zealand.

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