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Our Mission

Reducing Teacher Workload.

Bill Swale and daughter Helen Thayer look forward to being of service to you

Bill Swale and daughter Helen Thayer look forward to being of service to you.


The business unit, SINCOS, was created in 1973 to produce and market a teaching instrument called the MATHAID, which was designed to help meet some of the needs of the time. The MATHAID was developed by Bill Swale, who taught mathematics at Otago Boys’ High School. (This was at a time before calculators, photocopying, overhead projectors, and computers were available in schools.) As well as MATHAID, SINCOS produced a number of mathematical teaching aids, such as clinometers, 10-metre measures, cosinometers, and the Calculator Proficiency Scheme etc., which were unavailable in normal retail outlets, Such products were usually for practical activities, either individual or group, that would help young people to a better understanding of certain basic mathematical ideas.

Parallel Paper Booklets

In 1978 SINCOS first introduced parallel paper booklets. These were useful because the appearance of School Certificate write-on examinations resulted in a shortage of old examination papers for revision purposes. In 2003 we also made Editable Masters of the Parallel Paper booklets available.

Photocopy Masters

We have been publishing End of Year Masters since 1999 for External Assessments, and these, together with electronic methods have helped revolutionise the preparation of examination material, and reduce the workload of teachers. In 2003, we made Masters of the Parallel Paper booklets available.


Our first website (with restricted entry) was created in 2005 and for the first time teachers were able to self-download files. This was a major step forward because new files could be downloaded by a teacher at any time of the day or night! This service continues to the present with a much improved and friendlier website.