Why use us?

SINCOS masters are

  • prepared by experts
  • inexpensive
  • absolutely right up to date
  • only available to schools


Internals are a selection of assessments and schedules which are published in early February. These should not be released into the public domain until other schools have completed testing.

Practice Exams

Practice Exams are specially prepared assessments published in early July with schedules included for preparation for end-of-year externals. Year 11 to 13 are based on NZQA requirements. Years 9 and 10 are usually two-hour papers.

As they are intended as teacher resources, please ensure that they receive the absolute minimum of public exposure.

Using our assessment masters will save you many hours in selecting questions to cover the syllabus, typing and creating diagrams, and proof reading.

Parallel Paper Masters

Parallel Papers are published in early July and are based on the actual, and most recent NZQA External Mathematics Assessments. The papers closely follow the presentation of the original. Where possible, only the numbers used for calculations have been changed. Otherwise questions are written that test the same kinds of skills. They are right up-to-date and are excellent for student revision.

Parallel Booklets

Because of falling sales SINCOS will no longer publish the Parallel Booklets. However, a special arrangement is available so that schools may produce their own publication of booklets for fundraising purposes and for the benefit of students.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with an assessment and decide not to use any of it, we will cheerfully send a refund.

What Do Teachers Say?

Just wanted to say that we really enjoyed the SINCOS papers this year... It's always good having papers that we can rely on to be accurate (mostly) and at a good level for our students…So just wanted to say thanks :) JW

You offer a fantastic service to NZ teachers. GJ

Many thanks for the wonderful assessment resources again. CD

I'm really looking forward to the internals, ... Thank you for the great job you are doing in assisting us with these resources. RR

I always look forward to the excellence questions to see what new and interesting ways people are representing the content. DM

I do not know how we would manage without this stuff! It is hard to believe that we used to make up our own tests and exams in the old days. I don't know how we fitted it in. A school regime is quite hectic these days. JH

Keep up the good work because it certainly saves us a lot of time and importantly with the new standards gives us a look at another expert's take on it. CB

I'm new to this position of Curric Ldr (HOD), and keen to gain access to your gold mine. JD

The assessment we bought is fabulous - you've saved us a lot of time and hard work - thank you! CL